Shale Shadydale

A Wood Elf Druid. She left her home in the Eldeen Reaches to seek an enlightenment that still eludes her. Perhaps due to her self experimentation.


Shale was introduced to druidism at an early age by Master Jinarius, a close family friend who later took Shale on as an apprentice, a position that she filled for sixty years. Shale’s master, however, became concerned that, while Shale excelled at the herbalism and magical aspects of druidism, the apprentice had become too isolated from the real world and thus Shale was sent out into the world to learn more.


Shale encountered the bounty hunter Shade Lightstalker who persuaded Shale to visit the local adventurer’s tavern to see what opportunities might be available. While still uncertain, Shale agreed.

At the tavern, Shale encountered the fighter Alex Knight, who was recruiting a team to locate and destroy the lich Xykon. Shade had already signed up and recommended Shale to Alex as a possible recruit.

Shale Shadydale

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