Mordain The Fleshweaver

A 400 year old Wizard. Tainted by the powers of the Daelkyr, is now known as The Fleshweaver


Once a member of House Phiarlan and one of the greatest wizards of the Twelve, Mordain d’Phiarlan delved into the forbidden knowledge of the Closed Circle of Sharn.


In the year 560 YK, Mordain was born into House Phiarlan. Showing aptitude in the arcane arts, he was accepted as a member of the Twelve. Mordain eventually became the provost of the Twelve, and pushed the advancement of the arts of transmutation. However, he began exploring forbidden knowledge, delving into the depths of the Closed Circle of Sharn’s daelkyr magic. Soon rumours of his trespass began: some say that he was trying to create a whole new dragonmarked house resulting in foulspawn that ate his own family, others that he replaced his blood with a mixture of dragon and troll blood. Still other rumours say he stole children, replacing them with perfect simulacrum so that their parents would never know. When word got out of the horrors of his experiments, the other mages of the Twelve moved against him.

Facts on Mordain are scarce though many of the legends of horror and death from the Last war are attributed to him. It is known that some forty years ago, Mordain fought the Arcane Knight, Marshall Baros d’Deneith, in front of his apprentice Halton Night. After an extended duel, Baros defeated Mordain, while showing the contempt for Mordain’s tainted magic as opposed to Baros’s learned wizardry and swordsmanship. However, Mordain managed to grab Baros’ own spellbook and beat him to death with it. Mordain transfigured Baros into a mindless abomination, took the spellbook, and teleported away.

Upon slaying the Baros Abomination Halton swore a powerful Blood Oath of vengeance, which has now passed on to his bastard son, Alex Night.

Mordain The Fleshweaver

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