Alex 'Shump' Night

A Half-Orc Warrior. He bears his father's Blood Oath, and dreams of knighthood.


A determined fighter, Alex assembled the party and acts as a leader. While his teammates often frustrate him to no end, Alex is nevertheless committed to turning them into an effective fighting force to stop Mordain in the hopes that absolving his dead father’s blood oath will grant him honour, knighthood and the respect of his step-family


Alex is the son and oldest child of Atara and the human Halton Night, a highly accomplished Mage-Knight, who largely neglected and disowned his bastard son, due to Alex’s Orcish heritage and lack of magical ability, in favour of his human sons who he trained to follow in his footsteps and become Arcane Knights of House Deneith.

Alex, however, was undeterred. Inspired by tales of his likewise non-mage grandfather, Horace Night and the blade that he wielded, he took his grandfathers legendary yet mundane sword and enrolled in a Deneith Martial Academy, a college for those intending to become mercenary fighters.

Alex, though strong and skilled, found himself to be something of a social outcast, as a result of his racial background. Nonetheless, after three years of study, he was surprised to receive a visit from his father, who had disowned him years prior. Halton explained to his son that he was dying of old age and that Alex and his younger siblings would inherit a blood oath of vengeance that he had sworn against the Mordain The Fleshweaver, who had slain Halton’s mentor many years earlier. Despite his father’s firm belief that Alex, as a simple warrior, would be incapable of facing Mordain successfully, Alex swore to continue his father’s quest to destroy the sorcerer.

Shortly after his father’s death some years later, Alex was expelled from the academy prior to his graduation, as the Last War had ended and Deneith no longer required as many warriors. Dejected he set out to complete the Blood Oath in the hopes of regaining the honour he believes he has lost.

Alex briefly joined a mercenary band who were on a mission to eliminate a group of Hobgoblins who had taken over an abandoned fort. One of the other members was a Human Monk by the name of (Blair) who the mercenaries had hired to give their ragtag band an air of legitimacy. The mercenaries sent the expendable Alex and now tiresome Monk to scout the fort where they discovered the Hobgoblins had been cut off from their army when the war ended and simply wanted to return home. Alex and (Blair) assisted them in doing so, and (Blair), impressed that Alex chose a non-violent path to resolve the situation, revealed his true identity as a changeling while Alex, having finally found a companion and friend who would not judge his heritage, invited him to join his quest.

Alex and (Blair) spent the next couple of years seeking out information on Mordain, ultimately gaining the location of the Fleshweaver’s current lair from an Oracle. Realizing they would need more help they recruited the bounty hunter Shade Lightstalker and her erratic, yet powerful companion (Caitlin) to form the Oathkeeper League, and set out after Mordain.

Alex 'Shump' Night

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