• Alex 'Shump' Night

    Alex 'Shump' Night

    A Half-Orc Warrior. He bears his father's Blood Oath, and dreams of knighthood.
  • Shade Lightstalker

    Shade Lightstalker

    A Shifter Ranger. Hailing from the depths of the Eldeen Reaches she wanders the land making her way as a bounty hunter.
  • Shale Shadydale

    Shale Shadydale

    A Wood Elf Druid. She left her home in the Eldeen Reaches to seek an enlightenment that still eludes her. Perhaps due to her self experimentation.
  • Zhao


    A changeling monk. Exiled from his monastery for reasons he's never understood, he travels the land seeking serenity and absolution.
  • Mordain The Fleshweaver

    Mordain The Fleshweaver

    A 400 year old Wizard. Tainted by the powers of the Daelkyr, is now known as The Fleshweaver